The Batman

The Batman may be the best batman film since The Dark Knight. Ever since coming out of the theatre, I have been debating whether or not this take on the character and world have become my favorite iteration. In the comics Batman is usually always perceived in a darker tone and as a detective. I mean DC does stand for “Detective Comics”. To me, it makes perfect sense for this franchise to move in this direction with the character. Watching Batman actually work a single case, hand in hand with Jim Gordon, was such a rush to watch. The film still had all the action scenes needed to make it a big blockbuster, but to me it was the smaller more intimate scenes that made this film great. Batman’s relationship with Gordon and Selina were the standouts. Batman and Catwoman have always had a will they won’t they type of relationship, but in this film it was nice to see Catwoman not care about about Batman’s motives and was only interested in saving her friend/girlfriend (that was hinted at but never really went anywhere). Since I follow entertainment news it was always in the back of my mind while watching the movie that some spinoffs of this film were coming to HBO Max. The Penguin spinoff makes the most sense since that character really wasn’t developed as much as I thought it would be, especially in a three hour long movie, so I’m excited to see where that show takes things since that will be a sequel to the film. Although I was excited about the GCPD show, I was happy to hear that it has evolved into an Arkham hospital/prison set show. Besides the video games, Arkham has never really been explored in the films, so it would be a lot of fun to see what could happen with that type of show, hoping it would stick with a more horror or thriller type show. Plus, with the addition of Martha Wayne being Martha Arkham, it would be a great opportunity to flesh out that side of Batman mythos. To get back to what I said at the beginning of this post, this film is at or above the same level as The Dark Knight. There hasn’t been a more nuanced and insane villain to grace the screen for Batman since Heath Ledger’s Joker and Paul Dano does a terrific take on the character. Growing up with Jim Carey’s performance, one that I didn’t mind at the time, it was amazing to see such a grounded interpretation that was frighteningly realistic. The Batman is one of those of the moment films that I hope means great things for the future of the Batman franchise and hopefully the DC universe as a whole.